Cotton blouse

The pattern is from Burda magazine 04/10, 114.  Sleeves are from pattern 115.  30th April 2017.

Smock top

The pattern is from Burda magazine 10/2010, 120.  Fabric is cotton with a green crossways stripe.  As it is 150 cm wide, the pattern pieces were laid so that the stripes are lengthwise, except on cuffs, front inset and yoke.  19th April 2017.

Loose linen shirt

Fabric is heavy linen, which has been in my stash for some years.  I must have bought a lot of it, because I made the cropped trousers (below) in 2007, and in 2015 I covered the ironing board with it.

The pattern for the shirt is 104, Burda magazine 2/2015

Shawl collar top and matching skirt, 2009



Pattern is 127, Burda 7/2008.  Fabric is dupion silk, underlined with cotton sheeting.

31st August 2009


Hen - TomKatie - Oscar
IMG_3280IMG_0464Sam and Cath 070406
Cot quilts
Cushion covers

Scarves, 2015


Two scarves from the same pattern, Noel by PaulinaP, from Ravelry.  Top one is Rowan Fine Art sock yarn, total cost £15.95.  Blue scarf made from a cheap yarn - total cost £5.


Liberty wool dress, 1992

Dress made from Liberty wool in December 1992.  Cuffs replaced in February 1996.

Silk taffeta dress, 1989

Dress made in 1989 from Vogue pattern 2302.  The fabric is a fine silk taffeta from Thailand.  The dress is lined, and the sleeves underlined, in green silk habutai.

Brown wool trousers, 2004

Pattern is 105, Burda magazine 9/2004.  30th September 2004


Dupion silk.  Pattern is 124, Burda magazine, 3/2013.  4th July 2016

Silk crepe de chine.  Pattern is 122, Burda magazine 7/2010.  12th June 2016

Clydella (55% wool, 45% cotton).  Pattern is 124, Burda magazine, 3/2013.  5th January 2017

Fine wool shirt, 2006

Pattern is 129, Burda magazine 11/2005.  31st March 2006.


Pyjamas.  Patterns are 133 and 135, Burda magazine 12/2014.  25th October 2016

Silk crepe de chine tops

Pattern is 101, Burda 6/2011. 12th June 2012           Pattern is 135, Burda 9/2004.  20th October 2004